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Therapeutic Drone Harp

Therapeutic Drone Harp

The Therapeutic Drone Harp is a beautifully resonant instrument which can be played in front of you, on your lap, or can be placed on top of a person’s chest or back due to the curvature of the base.  The strong resonance this harp produces can fill a room, but can also be physically felt in the body if it is placed upon someone lying down.


Made with music therapists and sound healers in mind, this instrument is based on the Indian tambura which produces a long sustaining drone at the interval of a Perfect 5th.  Such a combination of tones is reminiscent of singing bowls or overtone singing, as the strings produce enlightening soundscapes and yet also a grounding feeling. The sound is truly unbelievable and powerful!


The structure is made with specific timbers to be sturdy and strong enough to hold 24 strings at over 200kg tension, and also lightweight in order to remain comfortable to place on the body for use in therapeutic situations.  It weighs about 2.5 kg.  Materials vary depending on what is available.  Ash, Oak, Elm, Birch, Recycled NZ Matai and Kauri.

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