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Kravik Lyre

Kravik Lyre

The Kravik Lyre was found in Norway and dates from about the 14-16th Century, however instruments of a similar design have been found in burial sites around Europe dating from 1000 years before that.  This is one of the most impressive and beautiful lyre styles found and it’s sound is wonderfully sweet.  It is a lovely instrument to hold in your hands and play.  It accompanies the voice very well, and can be plucked and strummed in various styles which you can see in the video.

Traditionally built using European timbers, here in New Zealand we have such a vast array of unique timbers.  The body could be with Kauri, Totara, Matai, or even Ash or a slow growing pine like the original instruments in Norway.  The tuning pegs made from a dense hardwood such as Maple or Puriri are tapered and require a small wrench made to fit the instrument.  The soundboard will be Kauri or Spruce and the strings are Nylgut (a high quality synthetic gut string made in Italy).  The seven strings are tuned (from low to high): A, C, D, E, F, G, A

I can add chip carving details like the original, plus various soundhole shapes.  Please enquire.


Don’t let it’s ancient origins fool you into thinking this is only an instrument for historical reenactment and romanticism of the past! The Lyre, or Rote, can fit in many settings, in Music Therapy and Sound Baths, or to accompany any type of acoustic song, you can pluck melodies and strum chords.  The design is impressive, sleek, lightweight, and loud, and can cater to simple and intricate playing styles.

I can build other styles of Lyre, Dulcimers, Zithers, Kantele.  Please enquire if you’re interested. Orders will take about 6-10 weeks to complete. Sometimes I have one in stock that i’ve made already.  You can email me, and check my instagram feed for more details of what I’m currently up to.

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