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Kinderharfe / Children's Lyre

Kinderharfe / Children's Lyre

A 10 stringed, pentatonic lyre.  It produces a delicate and clear tone which can be played by stroking or plucking the strings individually or in groups to make chords.


It is a robust design made with a solid hardwood body (Elm, Ash, Maple or others) and resonant tonewood on the front (Spruce, Pine, Matai, Kauri). The strings are tuned with a dulcimer pin wrench which is included.


This instrument can be played by anyone! It’s simplicity allows the player to discover the joy of melody.  I have built these Children’s Lyres for the residences of intellectually disabled people where their helpers can play this instrument, whether they are a musician or not, to help with encouraging relaxation and sleep when they stay overnight.  It’s a great instrument for Music Therapy or Sound Healing, or as a first melody instrument for children or adults.

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