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The Groovebox is a solid little Cajón that caters for a multitude of musical styles. It’s perfect for children to get into drumming or for use as a serious hand-percussion instrument. It can handle the road trip, the party jam, the kids jumping all over it and still make it back to the studio for a recording session.


One playing side has a crisp snare and a mid-bass tone. When turned around, the opposing surface has a divider with two bongo tones. If you are someone who can’t stop tapping at the table, this little box-drum is for you! It’s a matter of getting your hands on a Groovebox and seeing what you can do with it!


Made with Birch, a solid and great sounding timber known for it’s tone and used widely in the building of percussion instruments. Because it is made completely of wood it never needs tuning and the skins cannot be pierced! A beautiful inlay of native NZ timber shows the two tone sections on one side. A Tukituki Instruments logo is branded on the drum, felt floor protection pads are fixed to the base, and it has a high quality durable hardwax oil finish.

  • The perfect model for Kids to start getting into percussion!  Once they're about 8 or 9 years old, they're usually better off with a larger Cajón - Check out my Basic model.

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