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Artisan Cajón

Artisan Cajón

For the timber connoisseur! My Artisan Cajón model is made with a solid wood body and is a very special object representing the peak of my skills as a Cajonero or Cajón maker.  Since 2009 I have built over 700 Cajón drums.

Note that in terms of sound options, all of my full-sized Double-Sided Cajón drums have the same features.  Snare and Bass on the front, and tri-tone wooden Bongos on the rear.  I can build an Artisan solid wood Cajón which features only the front playable “snare” Tapa, these I call “Flamenco Artisan Cajón”.


A guitar stringed snare is built behind the front panel which gives the player thumping bass and sizzling snare sounds.  This snare is adjustable for a short snappy sound, or a loud sizzling buzz. Turning the Cajón around 180 degrees you will find a panel of 2.5mm Birch with inlays of beautiful timbers indicating three sections of timber tones which create superb woody drum sounds, adding a new array of sounds to your repertoire.


Please get in touch via my contact page for any specific enquiries and for photos of my current stock.  You can also check out my Instagram page to see my recent creations.

  • As they're made with solid wood (rather than Birch Plywood) the Artisan model Cajón drums are usually heavier and slightly more fragile than my other models.  They are best suited to being kept in one place, the studio, lounge, or carried in a well-padded case if on the road.

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